Brand new Queen should declare people county of disaster or general mobilization and you can will state combat

Brand new Queen should declare people county of disaster or general mobilization and you can will state combat

Blog post 62: If an imminent danger is threatening the safety of the Kingdom, the integrity of its territories or the security and interests of its people, or is impeding the functions of official organizations, the King may take urgent measures to deal with such a danger. When he considers that these measures should continue, necessary arrangements shall be made in accordance with the Law.

Post 63: The King shall receive kings and heads of state, appoint his representatives to other states, and receive credentials of other states’ representatives accredited to him.

Post 66: Should the King happen to travel abroad, he shall issue a Royal Decree to deputize the Crown Prince to manage the affairs of state and look after the interests of the people, as set out in the Royal Decree.

Post 67: The Regulatory Authority shall be concerned with the making of laws and regulations which will safeguard all interests, and remove evil from the State’s affairs, according to Sharia. Its powers shall be exercised according to provisions of this Law and the Law of the Council of Ministers and the Law of the Shura Council.

Blog post 68: The Shura Council shall be established. Its Law shall specify the details of it formation, powers and selection of members. The King may dissolve and reconstitute Majlis Ash-Shura.

Blog post 69: The King may summon Majlis Ash-Shura and the Council of Ministers for a joint session. He may summon others whom he deems necessary to attend the meeting and discuss whatever affairs he considers fit.

Post 71: Laws shall be published in the Official Gazette, and implemented effective from the date of publication, unless another date is specified.

Part Seven: Financial Activities

  • Regulations will include terms for the Country’s earnings in addition to their deposit with the General Treasury of one’s County
  • Earnings would be recorded and invested according to measures specified because of the arrangements of your own Rules.

Blog post 73: No commitment to pay a sum of money from the General Treasury shall be made without adherence to budget rules. If provisions of the budget cannot cover the demand, then a provision shall be made through a Royal Decree.

Post 74: Assets of the State may not be sold, rented or disposed of unless so authorized by the Law.

Article 76: The Law shall set the fiscal year for the State. The budget shall be announced according to a Royal ounts of revenue and expenditure one month ahead of the coming fiscal year. If the budget cannot be issued due to compelling reasons before the beginning of the new fiscal year, the budget of the previous year shall remain in force until the new budget can be issued.

Article 77: The competent department shall prepare the closing account of the State for the past year and forward it to the Prime Minister.

Blog post 78: Budgets and closing accounts of departments which have corporate rights, shall be subject to the same procedures which are applicable to the State’s budget and closing accounts

Part Seven: Organizations regarding Audit

Post 79: All revenues and expenditures of the State, as well as movable and fixed assets, shall be subsequently audited to ensure proper use and management. An annual report to this effect shall be forwarded to the Prime Minister. The Law shall specify details of the competent auditing institution, together with its affiliations and areas of authority.

Article 80: Governmental institutions shall also be audited to ensure proper administrative performance and implementation of laws. Financial and administrative violations shall be investigated. An annual report shall be forwarded to the Prime Minister. The Law shall specify details of the competent institution in charge, together with its affiliations and areas of authority.

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