Visitation Right & Law

The Supreme Court said family courts should grant visitation rights in such a manner that a child is not deprived of the love, affection and care of either parent. A child has a right to the affection of both his/her parents and the family court shall ensure that visitation rights are granted in such a manner.

A father’s visitation rights mean that a biological father of a child has the right to see the child and spend time with the child. Visitation rights are awarded to the parent who does not have the custody of their child.

The mother and father both have an equal right to the custody of a child. The courts in India are very strict to ensure that a child gets the affection of both the parents. The other parent gets visitation rights, the conditions of which are determined by the court.

In India, lawyers specializing in family law often handle cases related to visitation rights, also known as access or parenting time. We have assisted our clients in navigating the legal complexities surrounding visitation arrangements, especially in the context of divorce or separation where children are involved.

“Banik & Associates” has obtained many orders for visitation for their clients from different courts of law across the West Bengal, India, like Alipore Judges court, Baruipur court, Bankshall court, Sealdah court, Malda Court, Patna family Court etc.


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