Right to Information

The Right to Information Act, simply known as R.T.I, is a revolutionary Act that aims to promote transparency in government institutions in India. R.T.I Act in India is a landmark legislation that empowers citizens to seek information from public authorities.

A citizen, who desires to obtain any information under the Act, should make an application to the Public lnformation Officer of the concerned public authority in writing in English or Hindi or in the official language of the area in which the application is made. The application should be precise and specific.

“Banik & Associates” play a crucial role in implementation and enforcement of the RTI Act among their clients. They assist citizens in exercising their right to information by providing legal guidance, drafting RTI applications, and representing applicants in cases of denial of information or appeals.

If a public authority denies access to information or fails to respond to an RTI application within the stipulated time frame, “Banik & Associates” can assist you in filing first and second appeals before the designated appellate authorities. In case of further denial or unsatisfactory response, we may represent applicants in filing writ petitions or complaints before the High Court or appropriate tribunals across the India.

In summary, we have highly skilled best & experienced R.T.I Lawyer/Advocates, who plays a significant role in advancing the objectives of the RTI Act by assisting citizens in accessing information, advocating for transparency and accountability, and ensuring compliance with the provisions of the legislation.


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