Legal Document

A legal document, in general, is a document where two or more parties enter into an agreement/Contract and it is confirmed by the placement of their signatures at the end. The term legal documents have a very broad term when it comes to discovery and court required documents.

Many people attest to the “verbal agreement” theory. However, one should always remember that the agreement is only as good as the paper it is written upon.

There can be no exhaustive list of documents which can enlist all different types of Legal Documents. Though in India, there are numerous types of legal documents used for various purposes including Contracts, Agreements, Deeds, Affidavits, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Legal Notices, Petitions and Applications, court pleadings, and many more.

These are just a few examples of the types of legal documents used in India. The specific types of documents required may vary depending on the nature of the legal matter and the applicable laws and regulations.

So if need any of the above mentioned legal documents you may contact with us.

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