The basic purpose of drafting is to provide ideas and proper information. Its main aim is to concise and clear data which can be easily understood by the clients and can satisfy the wants of them. An advocate must not forget that there is always a motive or objective behind every text.

Drafting is generally a precise document which gives all the necessary details about a case. It is called a rough document which is prepared by the Lawyers and after that, a final touch needs to prepare the draft.

In a law field drafting is one of an integral and diligent part which an advocate must know and he should be an expert in drafting. We cannot expect everyone to be perfect in drafting but the more and more practice gives more and more perfection to them.

“Banik & Associates” has diligently been doing this since last 15 years for their clients.

We have group of highly skilled best & experienced drafting Lawyer/Advocates who can convert your problem into written form of law.


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